San Francisco, CA

Andytown Coffee Roasters

Julie and I went to this awesome place in San Fran - Andytown! We would have gone again if we had more time. I got a regular drip coffee (mistake) and she got a carbonated coffee + whipped cream cold drink (right decision). Just the best on a sunny day.


Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Nice big coffee shop where they roast a large variety of beans in-house. Friendly guy helped me pick this one out, although I find it a little mild for my taste. Still very smooth and enjoyable to drink, but would get a stronger roast next time. To be continued…

Portland, Oregon

Stumptown Coffee Roasters + Sleepy Monk Coffee (Cannon Beach)

Ju and I took a road trip down to Portland for a long weekend. Among the late-night pizza, art markets and comfy Ace hotel naps, there was plenty of time for coffee.

The House blend from Stumptown remains one of the BEST cups around (available in Van after all) and is up there with Elysian. The beans from the Cannon Beach place were decent, but it made up for any shortcomings with the sheer size of the bag for the price (it’s huge lol).

Can’t wait to go here again!

Lower Manhattan, New York

Think Coffee

Went into this place because the signage and greenery looked classic and inviting. I wasn’t intending on actually buying a bag of beans, but after making the mistake of talking to the barista, I felt I had to do it.