A petite pile of pictures and projects.

Thought I would share some stills from some recent projects I've been working on; Some finished, some not. If a picture of Haku got in there somehow, that must've been a glitch.

One of the big projects I'm doing is a short called Fall of Night, which was shot on the Digital Bolex. I've been learning a ton more about working with RAW footage in terms of color correction and grading, and the visuals are really starting to pop (to me, at least). I've been sitting down with Kris Nielsen, the writer/director of the short, to work on the edit together. It's been a fun collaboration, even when he points out one of my many mistakes -- "It's a rough cut!"


With the rainy season not letting up, Ju and I haven't been on many day trips lately which has instead turned our attention once more to fixing up our place. We're working on the bedroom/office area, and first thing she did was buy me a new office chair! It's so comfy, and now I can work for hours every day not sitting on a solid wood plank. Pippin is a fan as well.