Wander and awe.

Ju and I recently packed up the car and headed off on our first road trip ever for our honeymoon thing. We left without much of a plan, except to start driving towards Jasper, Alberta and make as many pitstops along the way as we wanted. We ended up stopping a million times because we kept passing the most beautiful places and had to check them out. We spent 5 days on the road exploring the Rockies, and it was so cool!

Out in Jasper there are a bunch of dark sky reserves, meaning there can't be lights on at night - so we spent one night in one of these areas and were lucky enough to see an incredible display of the aurora borealis. In the morning we got to get up close and personal with a group of elk that were chilling and eating grass by a river. After that we made our way to Banff and Julie lived out a life-long dream - breakfast in bed.

After hundreds of miles, multiple hotels, glaciers, wildlife sightings, hikes and coffee breaks, we've both decided it was one hell of an adventure worth having.