This is a sneaking mission (Uhuh).

I'm just gonna go ahead and give a rundown of some random things that've gone down recently between myself and Ju. Here we go:

We built a new piece of furniture - a room divider with a plant-trough on top. We went on a hike with our neighbours, Jared, Servane and baby Myro, to Buntzen Lake and had a delicious picnic. We discovered the Pho place on Broadway and Macdonald St is actually pretty good (almost as good as the one we used to go to in our old 'hood). We saw Darren & Jenny's new place and more importantly ate amazing homemade waffles. I split my work-time between four clients, but still managed plenty of time for Metal Gear Solid V (see below for important write-up). We had a sweater-loving chihuahua stay with us for three days and he was very small. I got a shout-out from one of my favourite video essayers on Vimeo. Ju brought in several more plants into our home, which concerns me. And Haku got stung on the face by bees, twice.

I think that's it. Here are some pics:

This past Monday was my birthday, and Ju and I drove to Deep Cove to rent a canoe. We brought Haku with his little life jacket (which he hated so we took it off after 5 minutes) and took in the beautiful scenery. We docked on a small island for a bit, then headed to a beach across the water. We found lots of starfish and jellyfish floating like little ghosts by the rocks. There was also a seal just chilling and then a seagull came at one point to swallow a tiny starfish whole. Very impressive.

I'm in San Francisco right now, in an old apartment my boss' client is letting us crash in while we shoot some promo videos for this job. It's interesting travelling a bit for work and just dropping in an unfamiliar city to try and make something creative and then peace out. 

This game features a virtual dog companion, which is better than a real one because there's no poo to deal with.

This game features a virtual dog companion, which is better than a real one because there's no poo to deal with.

I've been playing MGSV: The Phantom Pain since it was released on Sept 1st, and I feel the need to express how much I'm enjoying it. I think it's Hideo Kojima's masterpiece, and it really feels like it's near-perfected the stealth action template. It's situation after situation of planning, utilizing a wide array of tools depending on what the objective is, and it's so fun! It looks beautiful, the voice acting is good and the music (licensed 80s and original score) is amazing. Also, there's Diamond Dog that goes with you into the field and you can pet him at any time. I reiterate: It's a masterpiece. 

I also suck at it, but that's fun, too. Now I just need to get the hell out of San Fran to get back to it...