Hometown return.

I just spent the last week in Windsor, Ontario with Ju and the dog. We thought it would be nice to see some friends and family since it's been about three years since we've been back there. It's sort of a funny feeling being back in the suburbs where we grew up. And humid, too.


We did our best to hit up some of our favourite places we remembered, like the Back Road Cafe, Ojibway Park, Dr. Disc and Slinky's Ice Cream. Some of the other places we wanted to see had sadly closed or have been changed into something else (like a barren parking lot). I think Haku had a fun time travelling around and meeting our families. He especially had fun running around like a psycho with Ben, my parents' massive golden doodle.

So great to see everyone from both of our families. I got to meet Ju's five-year-old nephew Tony for the first time. We had some fun taking him to a splash pad for some play-time in the sun. Then there's Matt Houlahan, the biggest badass this side of the country; Glad he was still available for hanging out like no time has passed whatsoever.

The corn there, by the way - Creamy, juicy and sold around every corner. Too good. Worth moving back for? Tempting...

All in all, it was a nice trip. Everyday was pretty much spent driving around trying to see everyone that we could, but it was worth the effort. Until next time!

Someone is happy to sleep in  his  own bed again.

Someone is happy to sleep in his own bed again.

PS: Thanks for letting me use your car everyday, Dad :)