Taking in the sights at breakneck speeds.

It was Ju's birthday this weekend, so I took her (and Haku) on an exploratory drive up towards Whistler. The highway you take to get up there is full of beautiful landscapes to watch pass by and shoulders of the road to stop at to take in the sights. Our favourite thing to do is explore the backcountry wherever we can, and now that we have our own car we can just go, whenever we want. A couple miles down the road we found this fairly secluded beach, where you could see a train moving through the mountains in the distance. We hung out there a while since it was nice but also because Haku made a friend.

A mysterious husky appears from unknown origins.

A mysterious husky appears from unknown origins.

We ended up driving past Whistler to the quaint town of Pemberton. We found a nice lake near Nair Falls that has a long boardwalk running through it over the grassy parts. It connects to a trail that goes around the entire lake, but it only took about an hour to walk - stopping for the occasional dog wrestle and picture, of course. When we circled back we decided the water looked too inviting, so we jumped off the docks and plunged in.

After some sushi in Squamish, I drove us back home in the darkness while Ju and Haku slept under a blanket together (awww). Here are a much of pics we took.

Happy birthday, sunshine :)