Those mountain roads.

These last couple days we did something we've always wanted to: we drove over the Lions Gate bridge to find some mountain trails and a water hole to go for a swim. With Haku laying by Ju's feet (and Alfie taking up all the back seats) I ended up driving us to the salmon hatchery where there's lots of nice paths and a fresh-water river that runs all the way through. We've been on hikes in the area before but now that we have access to car-sharing, it's so much more fun - and convenient. 

We still had the car the next morning so we got up early and drove to Spanish Banks. The tide is super low at that time so you can walk out pretty far on the sand banks (if you don't mind getting muddy). There are tiny crabs that scurry away from you which every step. Haku kept trying to eat them, naturally. 

Overall, not a bad way to spend your two days off. And hopefully soon I'll have my own sweet ride to do this sort of thing whenever we want... !