Wanderings and milestones.

Last week I graduated from Emily Carr University, ending my four-year film studies. I was lucky enough to be introduced to my current employer during the last semester, so I'm working right out of the gate in media creation - putting the end-of-term-job-hunting stress to rest. 

My parents came to Van all the way from Ontario and stayed with Ju and I for a lovely handful of days. We went to the grad films screening and hung out at Joe's, among other things. We also took a drive down the Sea-to-Sky highway to catch some beautiful mountain views and find woodland trails to wander through with Haku.

This weekend Ju and I are going to meet Cassie, a female dog that urgently needs a foster home until she is adopted out. Ju has always wanted to foster dogs that need it, and it will be nice to do what we can to help these poor animals until they find a home. Haku is a super gentle and calm little guy, so he should make quick friends with whomever we have stay in our place. Can't wait to meet her!

Now I'm going to convince my friend Stie to come over and make lasagna...