Buns buns everywhere.

We got a chance to go back to Jericho beach last weekend, one of my favourite spots to chill out in all of Van. It's scenic, huge... and there's a patch of bushes where dozens of friendly bunnies bounce up to you to eat whatever edibles you might have.... It's the best.

The other morning there were some loud crows in the backyard tree that woke us up around 5:30am. Since we were both pretty awake for some reason, we decided to go for a jog down to the beach. Going down there at that time is so peaceful and quiet; It's like another city. The only things making noise are various bird species squakin' around doing their thing. Haku stayed in bed for this part of the morning, naturally.

I was able to bring on my friend Stie as a sound technician for a company I do work for every now and again. It's nice being able to choose people you trust to be part of a production team. For this job we could pick whatever equipment we felt was needed to get the video done right, which sort of inspired me to start expanding my personal arsenal of equipment a bit. I just purchased a shotgun mic, which I can plug right into my Digital Bolex, among other things. This is a step in the right direction, since I hope to soon be working on another independent short film (we no longer have the convenience of renting out equipment from university, so it's all got to come from our own pockets from now on).

Time to get back to it; I have about 34 interviews to go through and they're not gonna edit themselves...