Huge seals and tiny humans.

About a month ago, my cousin Darren and his wife Jenny welcomed their son Otto into the world, and he was the smallest being I've ever had the privilege of holding. And then about three weeks after that, Darren's brother Jared and his wife Servane suddenly had their own baby! Little human Myro, the cutest little man I've ever met. So cool to have all these babies in the 'hood.

I just got back to Vancouver after spending the last few days in San Diego. It was my first ever business trip, and I have to say it was a pretty awesome place to be sent to! I went out there with my boss, Sharad, as my travel companion. His company, Kharé Communications, is always seeking out interviews with the most interesting people working on some of the biggest projects going on in the world, and I'm having fun; Definitely loving this job right now. We shot lots of promo material for a cancer research company, and then got to chill around the city for a bit.

We ran into a smelly pile of seals at one point. That was good. 


And now life goes on... Ju and I just got sushi!