Choco chimps metamorphosis.

Mixing cereals of varying species is like playing god, resulting in combinations of flavours and textures never experienced before by the human tongue. Breakfast has never been so exhilarating.

Anyway, I made another video. I went around doing some lens tests and then played around with the footage in post for a while. The images produced by mirroring the frame looked really interesting to me so I kept that aesthetic throughout.   

I always grade the hell out of footage, but the images that come straight out of the Digital Bolex always looks so damn great, like it was shot on film. You can see below, with the pictures of the public art pieces, these are just some of the RAW files untouched. That sort of saturated, bloomy look has that nostalgia that comes with 16mm film. I've got to try making a video without doing any grading at all; I think that would look pretty awesome. 

That's it for now. School's coming to a close, some big projects are wrapping up and our backyard is getting an overhaul (can you say BBQ/lounging/hen-occupied paradise?). Lots to do, and that cereal's not gonna mix itself!