Senior Media (FVIM) update #4 - The Character Study

This is an update on the post-production of my grad film, The Character Study.

Now that I have a picture-lock, I've been nailing down the colour-grade. I still keep jumping back and forth between a natural, correct look versus a more surreal, purple tone. This is something I plan on deciding on this weekend, and sticking with it.

I have a completed trailer and poster, and still have to make a director's headshot. 

TCS poster.jpg

The main hurdle is still the sound design; I'm looking forward to our workshop on putting sound in 3D space, which will give the film a much stronger atmosphere. I found a musician on whose work I love, and I'm using two of their tracks in the film. The music is ambient and driving, but not distractingly so, and fit the mood of the story well. 

Since I'm making my presentation this week, I'm hoping to screen the film and get any last feedback from people who haven't seen it before/ in a while. Any suggestions on sound design and colour in particular would be helpful.