Rockin' some new glass.

My camera kit has done some expanding lately, and I now have two more vintage lenses to play with on the Digital Bolex. I've only had a fixed prime that I've shot with, a Carl Zeiss 25mm. New to the table is a Bell & Howell - Angenieux 10mm and a Pentax 50mm. I'm looking forward to seeing what this glass looks like on the camera, and I have a good excuse to put them to work since they'll be used on a documentary project that's currently being, well, documented.

Working from home is weird. You're always near the fridge, the cat is always on your lap and the dog is always watching you eat. Intently.

Did you know that if you carry a mason jar around with you on your travels, you can bring it into your favourite food establishments and they'll put anything in there for you? Coffee, lemonade, energy bars, croissants - if it in any way will sit inside, it will be done.


If you're a fan of Arcade Fire, you might want to check out Will Butler's new solo album, Policy. Been listening to the Anna track on repeat on bike rides.