Searching for sirens.

The other night I spent a few hours riding around with Kris Nielsen - the lead in The Character Study short film - to get some footy for the trailer. There's something to be said about the cinematic feel of dark roads and neon signs. We were specifically on the lookout for police lights or flashing ambulances, and the city did not disappoint.  

Ju has been swimming with her girlfriend at least twice a week at various indoor pools around the city, and I'm jealous! I want to get back into the water and splash around like a wet Haku on a dry rug. Good metaphor, right?

I've been on a steady run of editing gigs and film work lately, and I hope it continues like this. It's gradually becoming my full-time job, and I'm loving it. There's lots to do, but most can be done from home which means my breaks involve walking the dog or petting the cat; sometimes both!

Going to keep this post short, lots to do! 

*goes to scratch the cat*