Senior Media (FVIM) update # 2 - The Character Study

*This is the second update on the post-production work of my grad film.

Since our last group meeting, I have gone back to our interior location to reshoot the climatic robbery scene. I was able to get the CUs and coverage I felt were lacking in the original cut, and I'm very happy with how this scene now plays out (I will have a new cut to screen in the meeting).

version 1 of grad poster

version 1 of grad poster

Apart from editing in the new footage, I've been playing with some new music tracks throughout that begin and end based on different character cues, such as the cop answering his cell phone. I've worked on the sound design a lot more since my first cut, but I have to start putting the tracks into surround. 

There was also a seam that ran down the middle of some of the frames in the exterior scenes, a known glitch in the camera I used. I figured out that is I placed two of the same movie files on top of one another in FCP, and cropped out half of the top video, I could colour correct the seam out. It took a lot of trial and error, but I've all but erased the seam, though it still needs tweaking. 

An early cut of the film, complete with the new footage, was screened last night at Slamdance in LA as part of the Digital Bolex Fearless Filmmaking showcase. Hopefully I'll have some feedback on how it was received by the audience there.