Scream all you want, it's cool.

I've worked with the actor Andrew Tkach twice now, and on both film sets he's had roles that require a lot of yelling. Haku has been present for each of these instances, and the first time he was pretty upset by it. It's amusing that now, the second time around, Andrew can yell as intensely as he does and Haku is totally used to it now. "Yell about who you're gonna kill, it's cool." - Haku

I'm fresh off getting the new footage from our Tisol location, which went very smoothly - thank you Ju. We got it just a few days before the final Slamdance submission was due, so it was down to the wire editing-wise but it's in! In classic fashion - as in, this how we roll - as soon as we came home after filming, Ju and I finished installing some shelves we made earlier for the living room. She also designed some nice new shelves for the kitchen, which I happily put together (anything to get the millions of plants we've somehow accumulated in there). 

I expect the amount of plants shown here to double in the next few months. 

I expect the amount of plants shown here to double in the next few months. 

If you're in Van and looking for high quality sushi on a budget, check out Iki on broadway. My god. Probably the most delicious rolls I've had, period. So good! 

I checked out Inherent Vice the other night with some friends, P.T. Anderson's latest film. It had some pretty funny moments, but coming off The Master I was a little disappointed. I found it to be pretty forgettable story-wise, and a lot of the characters seemed thinly written with the hope that the well-known actors in them would do the heavy-lifting. It's interesting that Wes Anderson can make a movie like The Grand Budapest Hotel work under similar circumstances, with a huge ensemble cast of famous actors, and still have each character resonate in some way.

Hm. Now I just want to watch TGBH again.