Hello, grad year.

School's back in, and the summer is drawing to a close. Ju and I decided to go on at least one last hike before it starts getting cold again. We went back up to Lynn Valley, took the suspension bridge over and found some incredible places to wander through. 

Here are some pics from the hike, and other random summer stuff. Take a gander.

Right now I'm getting ready to launch an Indiegogo campaign to hopefully raise enough money to fund my grad film. I already have a lot of the pieces in place; I've been fortunate enough to have some actors who I've worked with before return for this project, so I'm very excited to get things rolling. 

I wish I had time to shoot and edit some more Digital Bolex stuff, but for now that's on the back-burner. I'm learning to grade in Davinci Resolve though, so soon enough I'll have something to put up.

I also just celebrated my birthday the other day; Ju spoiled me rotten with the likes of a gourmet donut platter and decorations all over the house. Also, there was this: 

My life is complete.

My life is complete.

I can die a happy man.