The great campaign - Part II.

The Character Study is quickly becoming more and more a reality, as the generous donations keep coming in from friends and family (Thank-you!). We're officially over 1/3 of the way there! How awesome is that!? 

                                                  You can find  The Character Study Indiegogo campaign here

                                                  You can find The Character Study Indiegogo campaign here

Right now I'm getting a lot of the components of the film prepped, specifically in the prop and wardrobe department. My last group meeting with my fellow filmmakers at ECUAD was really helpful in finding out how to make the trickier parts of this production possible. I'm talking about the whole fake-police-officer-with-prop-gun-in-public-yelling-at-criminals aspect. Of course you can't film a scene like that in public without the aid of the actual police force being involved, so that's something that is in the process of being worked out. 

It's all very exciting though, of course. The plan is to shoot in November and leave the rest of the school year for editing and sound design. 

In other news, we just had our guests from Windsor leave us today after spending the week in our place. It's always great to have guests and watching them experience a totally new place. Never before have I played so much Mario Kart in my life, too; I can't believe it's already over. 

Also, you should watch this music video if you're bored. I love this guy's work, and this one is pretty great. Those flips!