2015 - Year of the Cock!

Now let's not get too excited; That's just a lesser-known expression. It is the new year though, and that means new and exciting things for this popular, mainstream blog: dog pictures and ramblings!

I'm still in ecstasy after spending the night on Main street sippin' down milkshakes and eating pub grub with my favourite humans. If life was fair, I would be 300 pounds by now, so thank god it's not.

I've been crossing out a lot of names off my list of films to finally get around to seeing. So far I've seen Blue Ruin (excellent film, gripping, well-acted and beautiful cinematography), O Brother, Where Art Thou? (a Coen Brothers film that was just okay until it got great half-way through) and Magnolia (P.T. Anderson's sprawling, annoyingly predictable and taxing epic). I am looking forward to P.T. Anderson's latest film, Inherent Vice, however; I loved The Master, and this looks like its more in that vein. 

I'm back to school this week, and the focus is definitely on everything grad film. I'm going to be shooting some more scenes for The Character Study this month. After editing an early cut for the Slamdance festival, I feel like I'm losing focus on some of the great performances from the cast towards the end by limiting the film to the one-shot format. To get around this, I'm using the one-shot as the opener, and getting back to my style of scene-coverage when the film gets inside the convenience store. Looking forward to getting that footy.

Home improvement planz for the week.

Home improvement planz for the week.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat a pound of cashews.