Set, action, cut.

The Character Study has officially wrapped as of Sunday night, and it's a mixture of exhaustion and relief. The shoot went relatively smooth, and it was a good experience for me as an amateur director trying to coordinate a large group of people to create a single project. It was great working again with some familiar faces, as well as meeting some of these people for the first time right on set. We had just over three hours to prepare and get as many takes in as we could manage while the police were on-site.  

I am very grateful to everyone who donated their time and energy to helping create this film, and I hope that in the end it can be something we're proud of. It won't be shown - or ready - until sometime in April when graduation comes around, but that means there's plenty of time for editing and making the necessary tweaks in post. I'm looking forward to seeing what this film becomes in the end. 

Set photography courtesy of Patrick Deato Photography.

Now that the shoot is out of the way, I can relax a bit more and focus on the important task of lazing about the house, scratching Haku's belly when it calls for it, and filling Ju's hot water bag on the daily. There's also that fireplace that is constantly in need of being set alight and fed firelog after firelog, so that'll keep me occupied this month. 

Looming in the horizon is also this year's Year in Review - a collection of footage randomly taken from anytime this year compiled into a single 5-minute video - that needs to be put together in time for Christmas! You might think I would get a bit tired of editing, but going through a year's worth of home videos is so much fun, and always brings a smile to my face. Reliving so many silly memories and picking out the best ones to keep as a document of our lives is a cool way to hold onto these memories. 

So whether it's the cat trying to meow with a mouth full of margarine, or Aflie sounding like a goblin from hell, it's gonna be just fantastic.