Figgety riggety.

Scrap wood, check. Jigsaw, check. Power sander, check. Let's make some cool shit! Ju decided that since we need furniture but aren't rich yuppies (yet) we should try our hand at making our own; I couldn't agree more. So far we've made a ladder, two respectable plant stands, and some gallery shelves for next to the fireplace. On a side note, I need to start stockpiling my absurdly massive pile of firewood. It's going to be a long and toasty winter.

In film news, I just put up the first of a possible few camera stabilizer tests. I'm experimenting with what contraption I'm going to put my camera in for The Character Study. I started out with the fig rig, which I just rented from school. I sort of knew going in what the footage would look like, but it was fun to get some footage of Haku running around nonetheless. 

It's not quite what I'm looking for this film though, so I'll move on to a more effective steady-cam next.

Obligatory corgi puppy pictures, among others: