Alfie has cometh.

Haku has a new best friend in Alfie, the cardigan corgi puppy who just arrived a few weeks ago. I made this video for Stie, who wasn't able to make it to the airport with his partner to pick up their puppy, so he could know how it all went down.

Now that we have another puppy in our lives, we've been having a ton of fun dog-sitting and watching Haku teach him what's what. It's also a great excuse to take more dog photos!

Now I should really get back to work. I've been jumping between two jobs all month (one being film-related, woo!) and deadlines are quickly approaching. So much work to do, in fact, that I have barely even taken my fancy new Digital Bolex out for a spin. But fear not: Test footy to come soon...

Swimming holes and burping toast.

The summer continues to bake the west coast as we search for our wedding venue and new places to let the pooch roam free. Along the way we found a warm swimming hole in Squamish, Haku brought home a toy in the shape of a toast that makes a burping noise (?) and we paid a visit to our friend Ali who's currently ship-wrecked at the Granville Island shipyard; He's pretty much single-handedly replacing his houseboat's motor and giving the hull a fresh paint job. 

Now I have to pack some supplies and head off once again to YVR airport to welcome another newcomer to the 'hood...

The long wait.

Title is for two reasons; Number one of course is the wedding. I be gettin' married, foo'. And I guess these things need to be planned out and such, so that's an ongoing project. I think I found my wedding band, though I'm worried about sizing since my ring finger is just a little bit thicker than a toddler's. Still, I'm stoked on this party-in-the-making.

Second from that, my fancy new camera - The Digital Bolex Cinema Camera! - still hasn't shipped, even though I ordered it in February. Alas, the trials and tribulations of choosing 'indie' over 'multi-thousand-dollar-commercial-juggernaut.' 

In the meantime, there's been plenty of other things going on: I tasted a homemade rhubarb pastry and battled/defeated a "huge" spider that was terrorizing Ju in the bathroom. Pippin discovered her love for bread, a giant iced tea jug invaded the fridge and I somehow made spaghetti sauce that tasted like it had been marinated in vinegar or something. I've played every mission in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and keep going back for more. And when our friends aren't meeting us for cheap sushi night, they're asking us for puppy advice - that is, asking Ju. My advice? Let them eat nachos whenever possible and make sure there's a spot just for him in the bed.

If I left anything out, just see the pics above.

Kohaku turns one.

Ever since he first arrived in our home last August, Kohaku has been the snuggliest (laziest?) shiba inu that ever lived. He's also the cutest little foxy dog you'll ever meet; Just see the video.

Hittin' the banks

My fiancee and I recently took a walk with our dog, Haku, to Spanish Banks. We heard there was a big off-leash area he could run around in, so we decided to make the long trek out there. As it turns out, it's not just a fun place to bring your pooch; It's also absolutely beautiful there! 

We stumbled upon some bunnies (aka wild buns), a bald eagle, stick houses and a lone turtle that was laying eggs in a hole. Because it was overcast all day with the chance of rain, we had almost the whole area to ourselves. 

I can't wait to go there again; who knows what you'll run into.